In these few lines we want tell you our story
tell you our story

In 1961

In the heart of Rimini, a small craft workshop was founded: Incisoria IMAR. The “workshop”, as it has always been called, deals mainly with the processing of Plexiglas and various metals. The first customers were the hoteliers, who have found in the small workshop a wide range of items such as key rings, registration plates, filing cabinets and various other small accessories.

Even if those were difficult years, thanks to the experience and the remarkable resourcefulness of its team, IMAR has been able to become in a short time a reference point for all the hoteliers in the area, who have found the winning formula to solve their countless problems. In the ’70s, there was the first move, to a larger laboratory, always in Rimini and always with the conviction of meeting the needs of a growing customer base. These were the years in which Plexiglas processing became more and more popular, and it was in this field that IMAR has highlighted itself with the creation of the first objects and accessories.

In the '90

Imar has created the first accessories’ catalogue for the food sector, with which it has proposed cones holders, cup holders, spoon holders, coffee holders and display cabinets, some kinds of accessories that, in the last few years, in Italy, almost nobody had proposed. It was a great success, with the participation at Sigep (Ice Cream Fair) that has allowed IMAR to present to the Italian public and not only, its creations, obtaining a substantial increase in notoriety, in the sector. More than half a century has passed since 1961 and today Imar, from a small "shop", has become a greater reality, a symbol of craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Advanced machines, combined with our skills, consolidated by years of experience, allow us to be nationwide at the forefront in the field of Plexiglas processing. We produce accessories and furnishings for bars, ice cream shops, bakeries, as well as plates of all kinds. We provide a wide range of items for any sector, from shops to hotels, from catering to boating and DIY. We provide assistance and complete supplies of customized industrial machine casings. For any project, IMAR is at the service of the customer, always with the same strength and determination that in recent years has distinguished us, allowing us to improve day after day and become what we are.