IMAR, after careful analysis, currently produces only products with MOCA certification, a guarantee necessary to ensure compliance with certain mandatory requirements in terms of food hygiene.


Imar has obtained, after careful analysis, the suitability for contact with food for its products, every item that comes out of our company has MOCA certification and can therefore contain food or only come into contact with it.

According to the reference legislation Regulation 1935/2004/EC and – according to the general requirements included in Article 3, products for food use, even in Plexiglass, must be certified and marked with the appropriate logos.

Our products are used daily in the catering world (ice cream shops, bakeries, bar, catering) and are synonymous with reliability and great practicality. The use of top quality raw materials and attention to detail, make our products an added value for every activity, allowing you to make the most of the spaces and to make the most of the exhibitions.

The objective of MOCA certification, which is available to all our products, is to protect the health of consumers, to minimize contamination throughout the supply chain.